Eagle Rare 17 (2016)

Eagle Rare 17 (2016)

Making my obligitory way through BTAC since it was available for a reasonable price at The Gresham. I do love standard Eagle Rare, so my expectations were pretty high for this one.

Source: Poured at The Gresham, Brisbane, Australia.
Setup: Unblind
Drank: Neat, in a Glencairn-style stemmed glass. Rested 5-10 minutes.

Nose: Pungent and funky! Blue cheese, lamb fat, fudge, chocolate, cinnamon. Walnut, scones. A bit of a yeasty note. What a nose.
Palate: Creamier than the proof would have suggested. Lamb fat again with some mild pepper. Minerally, a note of ferns.
Finish: Medium length. Pine forest, blue cheese funk, some fennel. Rather tannic.
Overall: Amazing funky complexity.

Rating: 9

Thoughts: This is my fourth out of five from BTAC (missing just GTS, which I tasted right after this), and holy shit. This is my favourite. I usually like higher proof stuff more, but Saz 18 and this have really changed the game for me. I doubted that anything was going to be better than Saz 18, but this was, by a hair. Guess this is my new favourite bourbon. Sad that I’ll likely never own a bottle.