George T. Stagg (2016)

George T. Stagg (2016)

Making my obligitory way through BTAC since it was available for a reasonable price at The Gresham. I have had Stagg Jr (notes written, review coming later) but found it to be too hot and simple (cherry/acetone) for my taste. This will be the highest proof spirit I’ve tasted, coming in at a pretty incredible 144.1.

Source: Poured at The Gresham, Brisbane, Australia.
Setup: Unblind
Drank: Neat, in a Glencairn-style stemmed glass. Rested 5-10 minutes.

Nose: Dusty leather, apricot/peach, pear, raisin. Some subdued acetic notes. A marked improvement over the Jr!
Palate: Chewy/soupy with an acidic pear note. Where did all that alcohol go? This is dangerously easy drinking.
Finish: Raw leather, cinnamon, blackcurrant and tannic pine tar.
Overall: Amazing that the proof is so high on this, the way it drinks. Really nice fruity notes on the nose too. I like!

Rating: 7

Thoughts: This was a really enjoyable bourbon, but out of all of BTAC this was probably the one I liked least. Not to say I don’t like it, just that everything else in BTAC was incredible. I haven’t posted by WLW review (which actually was taken blind) yet, but it would probably next above GTS. If memory serves I gave it the same rating. So BTAC in order of favour for me: 1. ER17; 2. Saz18; 3. THH, 4. WLW, 5. GTS.