Adelphi Breath of Speyside 2006 (10yo)

Adelphi Breath of Speyside 2006 (10yo)

Adelphi’s “Breath of” series is a line of anonymous bottlings, done in typical Adelphi untouched fashion: bottled at cask strength, with no colouring and no chill filtering. This is a 10 year old bottling from an undisclosed distillery in Speyside, which is widely rumored to be Glenfarclas. It seems there a few different batches of the 2006 10yo Breath of Speyside, this is the one at 58.4% with a run of 541 bottles.

This is one of a bunch of whiskies I had recently at a fantastic Adelphi tasting.

1. Adelphi Miltonduff 2007
2. Adelphi Glenborrodale Batch 6
3. Adelphi Breath of Speyside 2006 (10yo)
4. Adelphi The Kincardine
5. Adelphi Bowmore 19yo 1997
6. Ardnamurchan Spirit 2018/AD

Distiller: Undisclosed (Likely Glenfarclas)
Distilled: 2006
Bottled: 2017
ABV: 58.4%
Age: 10yo
Cask type: Sherry butts
Source: Pour at Apollon, Bergen, Norway.
Setting: Blind (prior knowledge: Adelphi bottling)

Nose: Winey with a nut character and a lighter grape and coconut note. Sultanas and dried apricots.
Palate: Punches really hard, I am no stranger to high proofs as a bourbon drinker, but this was a bit rough. Capsicum, dried apricot, fig and dark fruit.
Finish: The apricot note draws into spicy caramel and nutmeg, and that heat spreads into richness. The punch in the mouth is worth the finish you’re left reeling with.
Overall: Explodes with heat on palate, but the heat is fully of fruity richness which finishes incredibly well. This is something you should add water to, but it’s an experience all its own at full strength.
Rank: 6