Wemyss Vanilla Burst

Wemyss Vanilla Burst

Vanilla Burst is a blended malt from Wemyss’s new Family Collection with a ghastly name (this seems to be a theme for Wemyss). It is reportedly sourced from two undisclosed Speyside distilleries, aged on exclusively first fill bourbon casks, and bottled at 46%. It was first released last year (2017).

I tasted this blind, beside two of their other NAS bottlings. Luckily this meant I wasn’t affected by their very powerful flavour suggestion.

This is my second in a series of 6 reviews of Wemyss products.

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Distiller: Two undisclosed Speyside distilleries
Distilled: Undisclosed
Bottled: Undisclosed
ABV: 46%
Age: NAS
Cask type: First fill bourbon
Source: Pour at Grand Terminus, Bergen, Norway.
Setting: Blind.

Nose: Golden syrup, ethanol, bourbon/vanilla, red apple and a very light smokiness. A really nice creamy bourbon forward nose.
Palate: Some bitterness, citrus, vanilla. It’s pretty hot. Mint. Seems to be a higher proof.
Finish: Long finish of red berries, and a tiny bit of smoke bitterness.
Overall: I really liked the assertive bourbon note running through this one, and it really explodes on the palate.
Rank: 6
Reveal: Damn, is this going to be a theme? It tastes a heck of a lot hotter than it is. Overall I did really like this though, and I would happily go back to it.