Adelphi Bowmore 19yo 1997

Adelphi Bowmore 19yo 1997

An Adelphi bottling of Bowmore from 1997, bottled in 2016 at cask strength, in typical Adelphi style: no additives, no chill filtering, single cask, cask strength. Got to love Adelphi.

This is one of a bunch of whiskies I had recently at a fantastic Adelphi tasting.

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3. Adelphi Breath of Speyside 2006 (10yo)
4. Adelphi The Kincardine
5. Adelphi Bowmore 19yo 1997
6. Ardnamurchan Spirit 2018/AD

Distiller: Bowmore
Distilled: 1997
Bottled: 2016
ABV: 57.2%
Age: 19yo
Cask type: Undisclosed
Source: Pour at Apollon, Bergen, Norway
Setting: Blind (prior knowledge: Adelphi bottling)

Nose: Chilies, capsicum, herbal, medicinal campfire smoke, walnut, parmesan/glue funk. Very unique.
Palate: Even more chilies! Salty seaweed. A nice amount of heat here, but it does not overdo it.
Finish: Vegetal fruit, a strong thread of smoke, dull szechuan pepper burn. Lasts for a good while.
Overall: Like roasting chillies over a campfire, and a delicious slow oily burn in your mouth. That might not sound appetizing, but it so is. I am extremely happy that the bar decided to purchase the remainder of this bottle. I will be back for more.
Rank: 8