Velier Cambridge STCE 2005 13yo (National Rums of Jamaica)

Velier Cambridge STCE 2005 13yo (National Rums of Jamaica)

The second of four reviews of Velier’s recent National Rums of Jamaica series, these are four rums distilled at Long Pond in Jamaica.

The Cambridge has the second lowest ester count of the four (550-700gr/hlpa), I really don’t know what to expect here. In this series most of the talk appears to be about the next two, but I have not heard much about the Cambridge. So lets see how it tastes.

1. Velier Vale Royal VRW 2006 12yo (National Rums of Jamaica)
2. Velier Cambridge STCE 2005 13yo (National Rums of Jamaica)
3. Velier Long Pond TECA 2003 15yo (National Rums of Jamaica)
4. Velier Long Pond TECC 2007 11yo (National Rums Of Jamaica)

Distiller: Long Pond
ABV: 62.5%
Age: 13yo
Setting: Unblind

Nose: Sour cherries, wood polish, acetone, dried apricots, a deep and sharp stonefruit note. Hot and piercing, and little sugarcane character to be found, not to mention funk. For me this is clean as a whistle, surprising given the higher ester count.
Palate: Prickly and hot, the palate brings that serious cherry and astringent wood character to the fore.
Finish: The finish is where sugarcane notes come to play. Light brown sugar, vanilla and clementine lead to a very shy rubber/plastic note which is so far back you could easily miss it.

Overall: Here I was thinking we were on an ascending journey of funk. This, to me, was far less funky than the Vale Royal. This is in fact pretty much everything I want in a rum. It is assertively woody, it’s fruity, it’s hot, and I absolutely love it. Any bourbon drinker would love this too, I think. This is something to consider and compare along with the likes of ECBP and GTS. I will be buying a bottle of this.
Rank: 8