Velier Long Pond TECA 2003 15yo (National Rums of Jamaica)

Velier Long Pond TECA 2003 15yo (National Rums of Jamaica)

The third of four reviews of Velier’s recent National Rums of Jamaica series, these are four rums distilled at Long Pond in Jamaica.

This has the second highest ester count of the four (1200-1300gr/hlpa), but seems to be acclaimed as the funk bomb of the lot. I’ve been excited to try this one, as it seems to be the most “interesting”. /u/thelonecaner said it was “the most intense hogo” he’d ever tried. So, I guess it’s time to embrace the funk and see what this rum has to offer.

1. Velier Vale Royal VRW 2006 12yo (National Rums of Jamaica)
2. Velier Cambridge STCE 2005 13yo (National Rums of Jamaica)
3. Velier Long Pond TECA 2003 15yo (National Rums of Jamaica)
4. Velier Long Pond TECC 2007 11yo (National Rums Of Jamaica)

Distiller: Long Pond
ABV: 63%
Age: 15yo
Setting: Unblind

Nose: Sweet plums, old christmas cake, mashed coconut, oats, rainforest and one heck of a solid backdrop of wet, pungent wood. Some rough molasses character.
Palate: A platter of overripe dried fruits - apricot, banana and passionfruit. Pretty hot, but not unpleasantly so.
Finish: Overripe passionfruit, plum, decaying wood and, again, rainforest. This one has some serious length to it. It ends on a sulfuric golden syrup note.
Overall: This was an experience. I was expecting it to be far harder to drink than it was. Hogo laden for sure, but it seems to go down the path of pleasant hogo to my palate, as opposed to an Uitvlugt I own which is significantly more “interesting” than “palatable”. Neither do I find any of the fecal hogo notes I have found in some Cachaças and Agricoles. No, it works here: it’s a platter of punchy tropical fruits, wet wood and atmosphere that I actually find thoroughly drinkable! I certainly understand, though, that it might not be for everyone.
Rank: 7