Velier Long Pond TECC 2007 11yo (National Rums of Jamaica)

Velier Long Pond TECC 2007 11yo (National Rums of Jamaica)

Well, that took a while! After a very long hiatus I finally got around to writing this one up. To be clear it was tasted the night after the TECA, but I just got hung up on the writeup afterwards.

This is the fourth and final of the four rums in Velier’s receent National Rums of Jamaica series. It has the highest ester count, and is a few years the younger of the TECA, so I expect this will be a flavour bomb. Let’s see how it goes.

1. Velier Vale Royal VRW 2006 12yo (National Rums of Jamaica)
2. Velier Cambridge STCE 2005 13yo (National Rums of Jamaica)
3. Velier Long Pond TECA 2003 15yo (National Rums of Jamaica)
4. Velier Long Pond TECC 2007 11yo (National Rums Of Jamaica)

Distiller: Long Pond
ABV: 62.5%
Age: 11yo
Setting: Unblind

Nose: Raisins, sulphured apricots, wet wood, vanilla, caraway, fruit cake, sherry, very pungent fruity funk.
Palate: Hot and juicy. Mango nectar backed with those woody vanillins.
Finish: The body and pungency mellows to reveal more woodspice, but I feel like I’m breathing that fruity funk now, it is ever lurking in the back.
Overall: To me this is pretty close to the TECA, just a variation on the funk profile. Where the TECA is more ripe fruits, this is more pungent dried fruit and a round, almost sherried character. Despite the ester count, it certainly comes off less hogo-forward than the TECA. Still, fantastic stuff.
Rank: 7