High West Double Rye

High West Double Rye

I’ve heard reasonably good things about High West, and I absolutely love their packaging. This will be my first High West, and it seems to be one of the cheaper ones. Lets see how it goes.

Source: Poured at Grand Terminus, Bergen, Norway.
Setup: Semi-blind in a trio tasting with Michter's 10 Bourbon and Knob Creek. (glasses themselves were unmarked, but I knew which whiskies were in the trio).
Drank: Neat, in a Glencairn-style stemmed glass.

Nose: Seaweed, dill, kelp, green plant/leaves, sage, ferns. Super dill forward.
Palate: Smooth, surprisingly so after that nose. Cucumber, followed by some peppery spice.
Finish: Fresh black pepper, dill, oregano, some cedar wood.
Overall: This is like an IPA with rye instead of hops. And honestly, I kind of dig it.
Blind guess: High West Double Rye. No doubt.

Rating (given blind): 6

Thoughts: Yeah, this is definitely my element. It’s kind of a study of a single ingredient. It’s complex, but it’s a rye complexity, which I can definitely understand other people would see as a kind of “one note”. To me it’s a complex single note that I could spend an entire evening exploring. I need to find a bottle of this.