Michter's 10yo Bourbon

Michter's 10yo Bourbon

Well, my only previous experience to Michter’s was their straight rye, and while I did pick it as a bourbon and not a rye blind, I absolutely loved it (regardless of rye or not). Given that, it should line them up to make a bourbon that suits my taste pretty well. The only problem with this bourbon is that god damn, it is expensive. I just don’t understand the price for a 10 year old. I mean, Henry McKenna 10 retails at what, $32? I don’t get the pricing here at all. In Norway it’s easily accessible if you’re willing to shell out the $200. But yeah… I’m not.

Source: Poured at Grand Terminus, Bergen, Norway.
Setup: Semi-blind in a trio tasting with Knob Creek and High West Double Rye (glasses themselves were unmarked, but I knew which whiskies were in the trio).
Drank: Neat, in a Glencairn-style stemmed glass.

Nose: Dusty, leather, dried oregano, bay leaf. Old furniture. Tobacco. Some fennel (rye content?)..
Palate: Smooth. Caramel fudge with some pepper notes.
Finish: Finishes medium-long. Raisin, prune, szechuan pepper, sage, pine forest.
Overall: Ok, it’s certainly very enjoyable. Ticks all my boxes. I love the dustiness, the rye element, and the pine forest note on the finish.
Blind guess: Michter’s 10. I was pretty certain about the other two in the trio, so by process of elimination…

Rating: 7

Thoughts: Yeah, ok, it’s great to my palate. No doubt about it. I’m still not paying $200 for a bottle of it. Oh well.