NAUD Ron Panama 15yo

NAUD Ron Panama 15yo

Ron Panama 15 is a rum sourced from Panama and produced by NAUD (“Noble and Unusual Distillery”), who appear to specialize most in Cognac. It is first aged (for an undisclosed length of time) tropically in Panama in American oak casks, before being moved to France to be further aged at NAUD’s facility. Very little other information is given. It appears to not be a Solera rum, and that the age statement is, in fact, accurate. According to the Finnish alcohol monopoly ALKO, it has added sweeteners, and according to my eyes, it has added colouring.

This is a series of blind tastings from the “24 Rums” advent calendar. I have not looked at what is in the calendar, so every one of these reviews is 100% no prior knowledge.

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Distiller: Undisclosed
Bottler: NAUD
ABV: 41.3%
Sugar: 7g/L
Age: 15yo
Cask type: American Oak Casks (type undisclosed)
Source: “24 Rums” Advent Calendar
Setting: Blind

Nose: Sugarcane, icing sugar, nutmeg, sulphured dried apricots, an acetone richness, deep oak and cherry.
Palate: Sweet, the fruitiness takes over, cherry and apricot and some sulfur notes.
Finish: Finishes on a medium length cherry note with some of the dry wood character coming back into play.
Overall: Damn. The nose was so promising on this one, but as soon as it was in my mouth the sugar hijacked the party, pulling all the fruity notes to the front. The wood, oak and leathery richness were still there behind it, and as the sugar faded in the finish they showed themselves. What’s even sadder than a backsweetened rum is one that so clearly could have been better were it not for the sugar.
Rank: 4